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  • We have a policy, Determination of Chargeable Supply which is currently under annual review but I can share it if you would like and then again if we make any changes.
    in Supply Policy Comment by dmay2 April 30
  • I would also recommend bringing TPE audit issues to not only the operational leaders over the area but also their leaders. We have found that to truly make change, if change is needed due to the TPE you need to have operations at the table with you.…
  • Our facility is lucky to have a Billing Compliance Coordinator that resides in our Compliance/Internal Audit Department. She holds monthly meetings to address updates and new changes. Our Revenue Integrity team has coordinators that are assigned t…
  • We also have the operational departments responsible for their own charge reconciliation. That being said our Revenue Integrity Coordinators are assigned specific departments (multiple) and work with the department leaders monthly on reconciliation,…
  • They must indicate on the questionnaire as well as we have a tracking system AcheiveIt,  where we tag the CEO for that area so they have visibility. We, Rev Cycle and Finance circle back with the CEO over the facility that the program will impact fi…
  • Good point Dr. Hirsch on if patient 1 knows they are the very first. I am checking with our clinical teams that are getting ready to deploy Mitraclip. Our organization has taken another approach to try and get ahead of these items via a Shared Serv…