Our health system has a few sites that are planning to pilot the use of Brainscope in the ED. We received some recommended coding pathways from the vendor and are trying to determine the best way to code/charge for the procedure. I am interested if anyone else is using this technology and if you would share any feedback around your process. Feel free to email me directly if you do not want to post a response here.


  • Wow, I have never heard of this device. It is interesting. But I don't think any of those codes apply. It is not neuropsych testing and it uses EEG waveforms but the physician is not interpreting the result. aetna does not think there is an applicable code (nor do they believe the data support its use)-

    Let me tag two experts and see if they have an opinion


  • There is limited information on their website about exactly how this works, but based on the information, the physician is using this to gather data and then the Brainscope provides information related to the patient's clinical condition. However, as Ron noted, the physician is not interpreting the information like he/she would with an EEG. The "digitized clinical assessment" that they describe as like a video game, may or may not be a tool that can be used for additional neurological testing. It sounds more like a reflex test as they ask for the questions to be answered as quickly as possible, and that would not be a separately codable event. I agree with Ron - I don't think any of the suggested codes apply based on the information that is available.

  • The company applied for pass thru payment in 2023 OPPS. It is discussed ad nauseum starting on page 201 of the display version. Alas it mentions no actual HCPCS code to use.

    (P.S. If I have a TBI, scan my brain no matter what BrainScope score I have.)

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