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Hello. San Francisco Department of Public Health has been live with Epic for almost 3 years. We previously used Cerner (INVISION) and had good monthly CDM revenue and usage reports. We have not been able to extract good CDM reports from Epic and have decided to do this with third party (craneware). We are still encountering issues capturing all of our revenue and usage. SF DPH is a large network that includes an Acute Hospital, LTC/SNF site, Specialty Services, Primary Care clinics - to name a few. We also have a mix of FQHC and FFS. Has anyone been able to get good extractions from epic or have any tips? We are desperate for good reports! TIA!


  • We also have a mix of PB & HB charging

  • HI there,

    We ended up having to ask our Business Intelligence (report building) team to create a report for us as the reports in Epic are the reporting workbench reports. Of course those can only be run on a month time frame and usually you want to see a few-several months of data so running these month by month and exporting is tedious. The custom report requested was based on the two of the below reports that we can run for data up to 18 months. We did one report for HB and one report for PB. I also use the two reports below as part of the tools to train clinical leaders on charge reconciliation.

    HB - Posted Charges Summary (this used to be called Rev & Usage)

    PB - PB Generic Transactions

    Hope this helps and best of luck!!

  • We ran into the same issue with Epic. It's hard because the charge codes are in one silo and prices are in another. We ended up having to go to our Reporting team as well. Using Business Objects they were able to create a printable chargemaster with all of the alternate codes and prices. It took about 2 years for the reporting team to create the report.

    Prior to Epic, we used nThrive (aka MedAssets) and were spoiled with printable CDMs.

    I miss having a report to review zero volume charge codes so I can keep a clean CDM.

    • Melissa
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