Productivity Metrics

We are trying to develop our revenue integrity department and I'm looking for any productivity metrics anyone uses.  I currently have a CDM Analyst and a Nurse Auditor, and am trying to justify another position.


  • What do you plan to use the nurse auditor for? And then what is the 3rd position you are trying to justify?

  • Our nurse auditor is primarily doing prebill charge capture audits on high-dollar inpatient accounts.  Our CDM Analyst does chargemaster maintenance and I'm trying to get a Revenue Integrity Analyst so that we can do more charge capture analyses.  Our Revenue Integrity team is new, though, so any suggestions of other things we should be doing would be appreciated!
  • I was intrigued by the original request - so following. 

    I work for a 600+ bed hospital system in central CA.  We went live with a new clinical and revenue cycle system in May 1, 2018; it's been a challenging time for the past 15 months to get stabilized and move forward with as much optimization as possible.  We also have Rural Health Center (RHC) facilities, and are currently in the process of obtaining FQHC status.

    Our small and relatively new(ish) Revenue Integrity team of four (4) consists of: Director (me), Chargemaster Analyst, Revenue Integrity Analyst and Revenue Cycle Data Analyst.  We work elbow-to-elbow with our Case Management, Compliance, Decision Support/Finance, HIM/Coding, IS and Revenue Cycle (Patient Access and Patient Financial Services) teams.  We not only handle all the chargemaster functions and charge capture analyses, we also develop and streamline revenue cycle reporting needs, which allows our IS/Reporting team to stay focused on requests from the rest of the org.

    I am more than happy to share any job descriptions or have a phone conversation.  I can be reached at (559) 624-5517, or

    Best regards, Jill C. Anderson

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