Isolation Room Charge

Do you use an Isolation Room Charge for patients not in a negative air flow room, when isolation is ordered, or do you use a private room charge?


  • We have an accommodation code for contact isolation built within our Epic bed charge billing tables.  This causes the room/board with isolation charge to file to the account.  There is a modest increase for isolation to help cover the extra time and supplies used for this patient's care.
  • What is contact isolation?  Does that require a sterile environment or a negative air flow room?

    In the IP Admit order, the physician is selecting Med/Surg.  Later in the patient's stay, under Patient Care, an order is placed for isolation.  The accommodation code is then changed from Med/Surg to Isolation. 

  • For our system, contact isolation is anything that requires us to gown, glove, and mask prior to any contact with the patient.  The "up charge" for isolation is minimal to cover the cost of the isolation cart and supplies.  If patient is in a negative airflow room, we do not increase the room/board charge.  So for us, it depends on the type of isolation and whether or not there is any extra cost involved to care for the patient.
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