CT Interpretation or Not

A CT was taken at the hospital.  The radiologist generated a report documenting everything about the CT and this:


Mako protocol CT examination of the right lower extremity was performed for presurgical planning. No interpretation is provided.

Because the radiologist documented "no interpretation provided," does this mean we can't bill for the CT done?  If we can't bill, can we at least just write off the charges?  It would be nice if the department can get the productivity and booked revenue.



  • Since this is done on a separate day from the surgery, wouldn't we just use the CT codes? 

    Just trying to figure out if the hospital can bill for the CTs done when the radiologist documents, "no interpretation provided."

  • totally unoffically I am thinking no- there was no medical necessity for this CT scan as a stand-alone test. It is solely used to collect data for the surgery. It's like the radiation planning exams. But totally unofficial answer
  • Heard from another source that suggested to treat them like pre-op tests and include on the surgery account.  This way the department gets productivity for the posted charges but it doesn't affect the insurance payment.
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