Hospital Based SNF Unit

We've just opened a SNF Unit within our hospital and are trying to figure out the best way to handle excluded services.  We've come up with two different scenarios.

1.  Open a separate OP account and transfer the excluded services to that encounter.  By the time the excluded service is identified, it's already been provided.  We're having an issue retroactively getting the order and documentation from the SNF account to the OP account. 

2.  Use the split claim function and create two separate claims from the same account.  This would move the excluded services from the SNF claim to a separate claim.  This keeps all the documentation and orders on the same account but just two separate claims. 

#2 seems the best scenario as it's all done behind the scenes and nursing unit/ancillary services departments don't have to alter their current process.  However, there is a concern that this would change the cost reporting.

Is anyone doing either of the things or knows which method is the best?


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