Basic Productivity Metrics for Central Chemo/Therap Infusion Charge Capture Team


We have a 2-member Central Charge Capture unit for 4 Chemo/Therap Infusion Clinics (so far). Volume for 1 Chemo Infusion Clinic is between 70-90. The other 3 Clinics range between 30-60 combined. (all Outpatient, no ER).

So far, they are able to complete the volume but it seems to us that as they gain an understanding of all the rules for Chemo charge capture, they would become more efficient. They are coders so their process involves reviewing the clinical chart for the charges and performing the charge entry.

A proposal is being prepared to have this team work remote.

Would anyone have any productivity metrics available for any type of central charge capture team. I've been using 5 minutes/account as an average. But our new CFO wants better numbers to corroborate any time based studies we do ourselves.


Mike Shin

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