RF generator building in CDM

My team has asked me to look into charging for the RF generator usage which is about $850.00 a procedure, is this something we can or should capture in the CDM?


  • Can you clarify what this is and if it has a CPT or HCPCS?
  • This is a machine used for spinal pain procedures. No HCPCS or CPT code attached.

  • Thanks for clarifying.  For our hospital, we do not charge separately for purchased or rented equipment that is used during a surgical procedure.  We consider it part of the overall "360 rev code/ class charge."  We would however, look to see if the additional cost of the equipment warranted an increase in our class charges, which are charged to the patient based on total time in the OR.  With our OR procedures, we only charge separately for medications, disposable medical- surgical supplies, and implants.  It all depends on what your charge capture policy is, I believe.
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