Non Patient Chargeable Items

I am new to the CDM world and have this question

Our Microbiology Department does environmental (surface and water) cultures for various hospital departments. These are ordered on departmental accounts (Pharmacy, nursing unit, etc...) and in the past were billed to those departments via an accounting transfer to Micro.

Since we have Cerner they are wanting to set these up in the CDM and use the client billing option. I searched all the way back to Cerner set up and DCW's (I joined this department 9 months after go live) and the decision was made not to include those cultures in our CDM.

Looking for guidance if anyone else includes items like this in their CDM or do you guys only keep items for patient care in the CDM and do manual billing/transfer for these types of things. I would think it's pretty common for organizations to culture certain areas and send to Microbiology, just wondering how it's done in other places.

Thanks in Advance,


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