CPR and Supply charges- Looking for feedback

Recent discussions around what is included in the charge for CPR...  For example is the disposable, single patient use Ambu-bag charged separately or should it be included in the procedure charge?  If CPR is not performed, is the Ambu-Bag separately chargeable?

How is this handled at your facility?


  • In our facility, a disposable Ambu bag does not meet our separately chargeable supply threshold,

  • The answer depends on two things - the first is your internal charging policy.  If you have a specific threshold for determining whether to charge a disposable item or not, then follow that policy in this instance too.  The second depends on your internal determination regarding CPR.  Since the CPT code can be reported once for the event, the cost for all personnel resources involved should be included in the CPR charge, including drug administration services.  Drugs are typically reported separately. The supplies depends on the individual facility's decision - some will include all of the typically used supplies in the procedure charge (e.g., ambu bag, IV tubing); others determine that they want actual cost per patient captured, and either don't have a supply threshold or the supply cost is above the threshold. Trying to charge for every item used in an emergency situation is difficult - something is going to be missed.  In this instance, the emergent clinical situation outweighs the capturing of supplies, even with the most diligent of staff.  So, have an internal discussion with the appropriate and involved parties and determine what is the best method for your facility for this service.  It is also prudent to document the process so if/when a payer or patient questions the charge, you have a consistent, documented process for support. 
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