new OPPS proposed rule

Is anyone freaking out over this yet....

"Proposed Requirements for Making Public All Standard Charges for All Items and Services
We are proposing that hospitals make public their standard changes (both gross charges and payer-specific negotiated charges) for all items and services online. We propose to define ‘shoppable service’ as a service that can be scheduled by a health care consumer in advance."

Am I reading this right? We would then have to list shoppable services and post our contracts. Just seems impossible with the amount of insurances and contracts facilities have.   


  • Oh, don't worry. The AHA will file lawsuits and win. Your negotiated prices are trade secrets and requiring public posting of those prices cannot possibly be upheld in court. 

    And it will be a logistical nightmare so let's hope it is stopped. Health care is not the same as shopping for a new car or clothing; it is beyond me why CMS thinks it is...
  • Thanks I agree! I feel better after listing to the NAHRI call. I doubt this will pass.
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