How is your Business Office set up?

I am curious how other hospitals and facilities have their teams set up? Currently my department has billers who bill, Cash App team who take care of payments and RA, and my follow up team that reviews timely unpaid, underpaid, and denials. I am thinking about a revamp as we update our contracts in our system and moving to net.


  • Ours is setup a lot like yours, we are a small facility so I have one biller that focuses on our hospital claims (professional & institutional) and another biller that her focus is our Rural Health Clinic claims. I have a Patient Advocate/Financial Counselor that is our main point of contact for all patients coming into the facility. Another team member focuses on our follow-up segment, this could be patient follow-up to obtain work comp/auto ins/etc or insurance follow-up. I have a team member that does all of our insurance posting and review as necessary and then a self-pay specialist that will handle our statements and bad debt processing, etc... A total of 6 team members all together.

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