Medication Administration Compliance

My team of Nurse Auditors recently came across an unusual scenario and we are unsure in our choice of medication administration cpt codes/charges.  This is the scenario - in an unstable hypoglycemic patient, the physician ordered IV Dextrose 10% (D10) to be given in a 16-minute infusion.  The patient received D10 in 4 separate infusions, each lasting 16 minutes.  The first 16-minute infusion is charged as the "initial" IV infusion, 96365 X1. Are we able to charge the subsequent 16-minute infusions as 96366 X3, even though the infusions lasted only 16 minutes each and not > 30 minutes?  According to CPT guidelines, report add-on code 96366 in conjunction with 96365 (initial), report 96366 for infusion intervals > 30 minutes, beyond the first 1 hour increment, and report 96366 to identify each second and subsequent infusion of the same drug/substance. We want to ensure appropriate reimbursement. Thank you!

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