Wound Vac

Can you bill a daily rental fee for a wound vac on an acute care hospital claim? An outside audit company has denied the charges stating "Equipment charges, whether purchased or rented, should not be billed separately. Equipment is captured via depreciation or rental cost overall on hospital cost reports." If it is allowed, any references would be appreciated.


  • We currently do charge for rented beds and rented wound vac equipment.  However, they are often not allowed during pre/post payment audits as being NSR, not separately reimbursable.  We made the change 1/1/2019  to package our bedside routine supplies into room/board rates.  Currently, we are also looking to package rented beds and equipment cost into our 1/1/2020 room rates. For payers/accounts that pay us percentage of charge, this seems to be the best way to get our costs covered in our charges and in our payments.

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