Send Out Exams - Billing 26 and TC components

We have been working with several send out Laboratories, and when we do this billing, we have been billing out a TC and 26 components. We are seeing our 26 components get paid, but seeing our TC's adjusted. What is the common process that everyone else using, and are they billed using a BIll type 13x or 14X?


  • Lab billing and processes are perplexing to me at times.  I work in a hospital and we use a 3rd party lab.  If the 3rd party lab doesn't do the test we need, we do have some send out situations.  Is that what you are referring to?  If so, we bill the technical portion on our UB/hospital claim. We do not bill the provider portion.  If this is incorrect, I hope someone can help educate me as well. :)

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