Rehab Therapy Assistant Modifier Applications?

I am interested to hear what solutions the community has come up with to auto-apply the required (for 2020) modifiers for services provided by PT and OT assistants? New line items in the CDM? Charge Router rules by user? Our Rehab therapy departments would like to see these built in and a separate "Therapy Assistant" section available in their Charge Navigator. That would mean the creation of 100s of new EAPs to maintain by our CDM dept. Our CDM dept would like to see the therapists apply these modifiers at time of charge entry. What other options/solutions are being considered?


  • We use Epic.  We are looking at a router rule that would apply the assistant modifier when the provider's title on the charge coming through the router is PTA or COTA.  We are testing this functionality now.

  • P.S.  our care model only has the PTA or COTA providing the entire treatment once the PT or OT has done the evaluation, so we don't need to worry about the percentage of time.  We are anxiously awaiting the OPPS final rule to see what other documentation expectations might be required.
  • Thank you very much for the feedback. We are on Epic as well and that is the path that we are currently looking into. Our analyst was successful in testing the modifier application by User IDs.

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