When is it acceptable to not charge a patient for services rendered?

Would anyone be willing to share a policy on when it is appropriate to not charge a patient for services rendered and the proper channels to get this approved? From a compliance standpoint, we want to ensure we have gone through the channels to either not charge, credit or write off a charge.


Example scenarios:

Recalls and duplicate services - something was wrong with an image or a specimen was contaminated


A physician wants to "no-charge" a patient because they are related to a co-worker, etc.


We do have a process in place for administrative write-offs and such. Just needing to identify/put into place a similar process for these other scenarios. Any guidance is appreciated. 


  • We have a write-off policy and all write-offs requires multi-level approval.

    We have a separate policy for members of our medical staff that outlines what we will allow for write-offs for specific family members, however, we will not write-off if there is insurance only out of pocket.

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