Hospital Outpatient Department Telehealth/visits

Is there a clear and concise publication for telehealth services permitted in a hospital outpatient department?


  • please ignore, I see responses on the other question string, thank you
  • Beware, the rules are changing constantly!!

  • Isn't that the truth?   I spend more time answering telehealth questions for our HOPD than anything else.  I am sticking to my answer that telehealth is a professional service.  Until CMS changes their guidance.  Or, we have a commercial payer with concreate guidance. I am also monitoring your RAC guidance.  Did I miss something?  Is there opportunity for HOPD?  Even UHC has professional in their guidance, not technical. 

    thank you

  • CMS is saying they are exploring options. If I had to guess, they will allow doctors who normally use POS 19 or 22 to use POS -11 so they can get payment parity to their independent colleagues. I do not think they will allow a separate facility fee. Now the next question is if they do that. will it be retroactive and will you have to rebill all of those or will the system see a -95 and a 19 or 22 and reprocess???? 
  • Are there any updates? In order for a physician to bill a visit charge, does the patient's home address need to be registered with the MAC or does that just apply to the facility fee?

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