Late Charge Posting/Missing Charges

When your RI department identifies missing charges, how far back are the missing charges posted? Are there thresholds (dollars, volumes, etc) that are used to determine whether or not charges post? Do you have a policy you would be willing to share?  


  • Our administration prefers that we post charges no matter how late. We do have policies in place as to when to write them off and when to bill.

  • We post all late charges, however we only send an updated claim if it will have a significant affect on how the claim was processed or paid. Example: If the late charges total reimbursement would be under $100 we would post the charges then adjust them off using an adjustment code we have established just to be used for late charges, to allow us to track them.

    Another consideration is how a particular payor processes corrected claims. There are some that have a smooth process, and others that it will end up being a months long back and forth.

  • Thank you for the feedback, mjfisher!

  • Does anyone have a policy for this that you would be willing to share? - Thank you!

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