ER Triage charge

Can you tell me if your facility charges a triage charge for the ED? Patient comes in and gets triaged, vitals taken, protocol for labs and then leaves. Do you all charge a level 1 Triage for this or write everything off.

Also, do you charge a suture fee if the patents comes in to ED for just suture removal?


  • We do not charge for either. If they have not seen the provider then we just do not do a charge. We don't bother with charging for the sutures either.

  • We do charge this service if full triage is completed and then the patient leaves before being seen by a physician. This is typically billed directly to the patient as most insurance companies do not see this as a billable service.

  • We do not charge a suture removal fee if the initial sutures were provided during an ED visit to our organization

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