Revenue Integrity KPI's

Does anyone have KPI Dashboard that they would be willing to share?

Thank you!!


  • If anyone responds to this thread, I would be interested in that as well if you're willing to share. Thank you!

    1. E/M Distribution vs peer hospital groups
    2. IV Administration ratios over ED/Obs patients
    3. Clean claims rate, initial denials rate, coding quality rate
    4. Charge Lag days vs industry benchmark charge lag days
    5. Charge reconciliation
  • We publish a monthly department scorecard; initial metrics include Charge Timeliness, Gross Revenue, Guarded Revenue, and DNB Volume. We have separate dashboards and tools for more specific drill-drowns like E/M bell-curve. Departments are accountable so we try to publish actionable metrics. Dashboards links to drill-downs and Wikis for how-to leverage this data. Thank You.

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