November 1 25 Hours of Observation

Should I be concerned that my system posted 25 hours of observation on November 1 due to the time change?




  • Ha!!

    Obs hours get posted as one line with all hours so it could be over 24. But time change is a challenge for those calculations.

  • Our total OBS hours for the encoutner roll into one 762 line on our claim.  For spring and fall DST in Epic, there are adjustments made to add or subtract an hour depending on if we spring forward [minus an hour] or fall back [add an hour].  23 or 25 hours on one of these DOS would be appropriate.  Our flowsheets likewise will either skip the missed 2:00 am hour during the spring-forward or we will see two flowsheet columns for 2:00 am on our fall-back DOS.  Tina Rosier

  • Let me know if that doesn't make sense or you have additional questions.  thx!

  • You could put a note in the account that says the 25 hours was due to the time change. It doesn't change the fact that observation services were provided per physician order. But, if a payer were to question it, you would have that information handy.

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