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Has anyone developed an audit form for Revenue Integrity audits that is willing to share?


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    Hi, For whatever reason I am unable to attach a document, but I can describe our form.   Each audit has an excel workbook. Each account is represented on a separate tab in a work book & we complete the following fields on each finding: Rev Code, Charge Code, Charge Description, HCPCS Code, Modifier, Service Date, Charge Amount, Undercharge Service Units, Undercharge Gross Revenue, Over Charge Service Units, Overcharge Gross revenue, Reason Type, Source Department of Charge, Free text reviewer notes. On each tab there are additional fields at the top where Demographic information is filled in including the Account Number, MRN, Admission/Discharge Date, Bill type, Primary payor, Facility name, Reviewer name, Charge audit ID, Review Date & Type of review. We have built in some drop downs for several of these fields to make filling in easier.  There is also a summary report tab that brings much of the information from the individual tabs to summarize & tally up revenue impact and overall discrepancy rates.  

    I have also seen similar information be built into Access versus in an excel format. While the form we use serves its purpose, my organization is looking for a Revenue Integrity audit solution, but I've found that it's an area lacking in options. Most of the audit products out there are more about tracking external audits then they are about managing & trending your own internal audit findings 

  • There should be a little icon that looks like a piece of paper right above your comment box that allows you to attach files. But if you have trouble, feel free to email it to and we'll find a way to share it for you. Thank you!
  • Any audit tool would be appreciated. And an Excel form would be great so we can quantify. I'll share what I have been working on and maybe we can all work on a best practice tool.
  • Hi Susan and Renee, I would love to see anything that you all have created if you would be as so kind as to share.  Thanks much.
  • Hello All,  If possible, could you also please share what you have created as an audit tool with me.  I have been assigned the task of putting something together and there is not much available to reference.  I would appreciate it greatly.  Thanks,  Mary
  • My team is about to launch a massive Revenue Integrity Audit.  I am new to this forum so didn't have the benefit of using SusanTompkins's description above before we developed our Excel version.  Luckily, our Excel version includes most, if not all, the contents as described above.  That said, I would love to get my hands on the Summary Report tab template so I can create the same type of high-level summary. 

    Does anyone have such tool to forward to me?  Much appreciated if so.

    Best regards, Jill C. Anderson

  • My team, working collaboratively with our Epic Analyst team, developed an embedded audit sheet within Epic (excel spreadsheet format in a letter template).  This allows us to enter data from our audit (OBS hours, medication administration, missing procedure charges, etc.) based on information obtained from the account, while remaining in Epic. 
  • Hello all, I just started a new position as Director of Revenue Integrity. I would love if anyone could share their audit form.

  • Would anyone still be willing to share their audit template. We are creating a new RI department and we are looking for examples.

  • I would love any audit form(s) that anyone is willing to share.

    Thank you,


  • I also am a new RI Director and would love a tool is being shared via email.

    Thank you!

  • Hi. I am new to this forum. I know this is old, but would love a copy of the excel audit tool as an example. I am new to Revenue Integrity auditing. Please send example to It will be greatly appreciated.

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    I created a ticket that went to HCPRO who reset my password but did not offer any guidance regarding how users are actually using the portal/forums, etc.

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