Epic Charge Trigger for Blood Transfusion Charge

Question for all the Epic users out there . . . . How do you charge for blood transfusions, specifically on inpatients? Working with some facilities that are not currently charging for this, and attempting to set up some automation. Our CI is indicating that Epic does not have a way to set up charge triggers from nursing documentation. We are trying to set the charge to trigger once the nurse documents the patient has received the blood. I am an Epic newbie, but this doesn't sound right. Anyone out there have success with automating these charges in Epic? Appreciate your input! TIA!


  • HI, Marie.

    I am also an Epic newbie. We went live last September.

    We do have the admin set to auto-trigger. I can reach out to our Clinical Analyst for more details, but what I can tell you now is that we have the Admin charge linked to a Flowsheet.

  • Deb -thank you! We did finally figure this out, and flowsheets are the way to go! Appreciate your insight!

  • When the blood unit charge comes through the router on a patient with Inpatient class, our router is built to create the IP blood admin charge. We charge it once per unit for Inpatient.

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