Revenue Code for PICC Line Insertion (36568 or 36569)

What Revenue Code would be used for PICC line insertion (36568 or 36569) performed by nursing, beside in an Inpatient or Observation setting?


  • Our facilities do not charge for PIC procedures done by nursing at bedside on an inpatient as the nursing services are captured by the room and board charge. If the nurse does the PICC in one of the designated treatment rooms rather than at the bedside, the charge is under revenue code 761. PICC placements by nursing for observation or other outpatients are usually charged under revenue code 761. Some of our facilities are using a Physician Assistant to do bedside PICC placements for inpatients, and those are charged with revenue code 361.

  • If it is a floor nurse, then the inpatient Medicare revenue code should be 0230 to enable better matching of expense to revenue in the Medicare Cost Report. For commercial and other payers that do not use cost report, either 0761 as suggested or 0940 are two good options.

    If it is a separate ancillary department with nurses that round, then the revenue code on all types of accounts should be 0761 or 0940

  • We use rev code 761. We have a separate PICC team that would provide this service. We consider this service as Non-routine for they typical Inpatient. As such, we do not consider it part of routine room/board.

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