Code Blue/Rapid Response Charging

Are any other organizations separately charging for when a rapid response team is used? If so, what codes are being used on the facility side, as well as, the professional side for any involved physicians? Also, is there a standard documentation workflow that is followed in the EHR?


  • We charge for a code blue with the CPR CPT code. Respiratory therapy is the primary hospital department that charges it.... and if they are not there, it is picked up by some other method.

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    Basically, we have the same policy. If CPR is done in ED, then ED posts the charge. We post a tracking charge for the rapid response team in general.

  • We recently cretead a Rev guardian for this... it says anytime HIM codes the ICD-10 PCS for CPR or anytime the provider charges for CPR and the HB charge is missing, it will send the account to my team's WQ for review.

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