Do you Bill for Rapid Responses?

hi, we are looking to find out if it appropriate to bill a technical fee (like 761 rev code) for Rapid Responses. These are high acuity events that consume a lot of resources so looking to see if anyone else bills for these. And not necessarily a Code Blue... the Rapid Response that is hopefully preventing the Code Blue. :)


  • What CPT code are you thinking of using? For outpatient claims, 761 would require a CPT.

  • I am not sure; I can't think of anything other than a low-level clinic visit for nursing intervention but I'm not loving that either.

  • There is not a CPT/HCPCS code that describes a rapid response service. However, you can bill for the services provided (e.g., drug admin, EKG, nebulizer treatment, etc) to capture those resources. But there isn't a code that represents the personnel response to the bedside.

  • thanks. that is what we came up with. and they were doing it for the most part but we are going to build them a flowsheet that provides all of those services easily to document and charge. have a great day!

  • We post a tracking charge that doesn't drop on the patient's account. It's mainly used for department productivity.

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