Revenue Integrity & Clinical Integration


Does anyone have any information to share with respect to regular meetings between RI & Clinical service areas? Looking for items that you cover during those sessions, how often you meet, etc. TIA!


  • I used to try to hit each clinical department meeting once a year and more when they had issues. It helped identify errors and get them resolved. Sometimes it was just a matter of their system not being updated and sometimes they needed more education. Although they might not have asked a lot of questions during my visit, I often would get emails asking questions days after the meetings.

    I met with each nursing unit to thank them for their help as they were the first line of defense in getting the right accommodation code on the claim. I explained about room charges and what was included. I also explained how accommodation codes translated to a claim. It was a good exchange. It game them the opportunity to ask questions.

    I met almost monthly with Respiratory Therapy helping them understand their forms and when to check what boxes. We were having issues with Vent Mgmt charges with multiple first days within an encounter and multiple pulse ox charges too. Meeting with them reduced the amount of errors.

    One of my favorite departments in Interventional Radiology/Cath Lab. It was very helpful when the physicians attended the department meeting too. We identified that some errors were just a matter of not having the correct code in their software. It also helped to keep on top of new procedures.

    Does this help?


  • thank you for responding. Somehow, I missed this and apologize for the late response. Yes, that is helpful. We are meeting with all of the 'major' service line leaders monthly. It's going pretty well thus far.

    Thanks again!

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