ED Left Without Being Seen

Wondering how other organizations are charging when patients come into the ED, are triaged by a nurse, but leave without being seen by an APP or MD provider. I know we cannot bill a professional charge but are organizations billing a facility or HB charge for the intake?


  • Hello,

    The organization I worked at previously would charge a small facility "Triage" charge in this scenario. It is best practice to have a policy & procedure in place for this and ensure patients are made aware of the Triage charge during registration.

    I hope this helps, feel free to contact me directly at sean.krausz@mazarsusa.com with any additional questions.


  • Hi,

    An organization I used to work for uses a $0.00 charge for LWBS for reporting purposes. My current organization does charge a small technical fee for triage, (no professional fee). I agree with Sean that best practice is to have a policy & procedure in place for this and to inform patients during registration.


  • I think the decision boils down to charge or not to charge. Typically, if a patient is triaged but not yet seen by a provider, then it is likely a level 1 based on ACEP guidelines (if you charge for it). The other complication is a provider's name has to go on the claim.

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