Pharmacy Revenue Codes 250 or 636

HI all,

Looking for feedback on how you use revenue 250 v 636 for outpatient pharmacy reporting. I've seen where 636 is used only for drugs which are separately payable. And I've seen where 636 is used for any drug that has a defined hcpcs code. Personally, I like the former as it allows for a distinct revenue code where you know you should be receiving payment for drugs. But wanted to know what is most prevalent. Thanks!


  • For the most part, we assigned 636 to those charges with HCPCS codes and 250 to those without. There are a few exceptions based on individual payer contracts.

  • My last facility used 636 for everything (and 637 for self admin.) My new facility does similar to the previous poster, hcpcs gets a 636, no hcpcs gets a 250. Its much easier to audit and maintain that way

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