Discharge Disposition Codes

I am looking for some guidance on the proper way to report a discharge disposition code on a 111 TOB if we have a patient that goes from being an IP on our Acute Care Unit to an IP on our Distinct Part Psych Unit. These units each have separate provider numbers.   In this case, should we use "65 Xfer to Psych Facility"?   Would it ever be appropriate to use "06 still a patient" on an IP claim? It seems that the purpose for this code is to be utilized on an OP claim however it seems staff want to use it more frequently.

I did research this extensively on the NUBC and elsewhere but couldn't find an answer to this specifically.  Any help would be much appreciated!


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    I just discovered this forum and wanted to comment in case anyone else has the same question.
    * Yes, If the Inpatient Psychiatric Facility (IPF), including Distinct Part Unit, will bill under a different NPI, patient discharge status code (PDSC) for the Inpatient acute care claim would be 65.
    * PDSC 30 is usually used for interim billing when the patient is in the hospital more than 60 days, although it is also used for leaves of absence.  PDSC 30 would be appropriate to use if your patient is being discharged to the IPF with a planned readmission back to acute care.
    * A PDSC of 06 on an Inpatient 111 TOB indicates the patient was discharged home with home health.

    Katie A., CPB
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