Working from home

Does anyone have staff that work from home?  How do you measure productivity?  What challenges do you/did you face?  Would you do it again?


  • Yes, I do have staff that work from home.  At a very high level, the productivity metrics in place depend on the team and responsibilities.  For instance, I have one team that works within EPIC and works within EPIC work queues throughout the day.  These team members have an number of expectations that need to be satisfied by hour.  Since some of the exceptions can be completed more quickly than others depending upon category I do provide a range based on continued development, meets expectations and exceeds expectations.  We also conduct quality audit reviews to ensure the integrity of our practices.  During our one on one meetings with each of he team members we review productivity and quality of work with them.  If their score falls below a certain percent they need to come back into the office or they can be given another day to work from home.

    In addition, to the high level summary provided above we also have a policy in place to ensure that expectations are clear.  I have found that my team is more productive when working from home and they appreciate the trust and flexibility this gives them.   My work from home and flex time policy so hand in hand.

    On the other side of things there will be times in which individuals will test to see if you are monitoring them and their productivity.  In these cases it is great to have a policy and a must to hold everyone to the same standards and hold them accountable.  I hope this helps!

  • That was very helpful.  Thank you!  I don't know if there is a way to upload policies or documents to this site, but I would love to see your work from home policy if it is something you can share.
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