Billing Supplies on a 1500

At our facility, we have Hospital/facility, Article 28 offices, and Non-Article 28 Physician offices. Although we understand that A28 and Non-A28 offices are not the same, as the A28 would be considered an off-campus extension of the facility, we do try to keep our charging and billing the same for all offices. This is to avoid any issues with patients.

We are currently doing a full review of our supply charging and have run into a bit of a conundrum regarding billing supplies. For facility billing, we often bill certain supplies without a HCPCS on a UB claim form. We can follow this for our split payors in the A28 setting. But, for our Non-A28 offices, and our global payor, that would only bill on a 1500, we are unsure of how to bill for these supplies.

Can anyone provide some insight as to how they accomplish billing supplies on a 1500 when there is no applicable HCPCS?


  • It is not possible to separately bill supplies on a 1500 without a HCPCS. We have a few supplies that just get written off and are not included on the 1500 but largely try to include the HCPCS-less supply cost in the office visit/procedures so as to keep things the same in all office settings. In some cases, such as casts, there are HCPCS codes that are billable on a 1500 but not on a UB-04, in which case we use the HCPCS on the 1500 and not on the UB04. You could also try using miscellaneous HCPCS on the 1500 but this is pretty much guaranteed to receive denials.

  • Thanks. That was what I thought. For the most part, we don't expect payment on these, but would like to capture our cost more accurately.

    Any one on Epic have success in separately charging, and then rolling the charges into the E&M or procedure?

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