EKGs inclusive of Cardiac Procedures

In general, we know that most cardiac procedures include an EKG (or two), this can be factored into the charge for the procedure. However, when multiple EKGs are performed during and following a procedure, our Coding team is stating that we cannot separately bill for the additional EKGs if they are related to the procedure and we should not charge for them at all.

I understand that they would not be separately reimbursed by most payors, but how would we properly capture and report costs if we don't charge for them?

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

BTW, we are on Epic.


  • I would be interested too as this is an issue for my hospital. Our departments use posted charges for productivity. So far suggestions have been to use a bogus revenue code that drops charges off claims or rules that write off these charges before billing. Not sure yet of the final outcome.

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