Date of Service for EKG Interpretations

What Date of Service do you use for the EKG Read (93010) if it is done on a different date than the procedure was performed. I am finding differing guidance.

For example, EKG was performed during an office visit in one of our general practice physician offices on {Day 1} by Dr. A. On {Day3}, Dr. Z, in our Cardiology office performs the read.


  • The date of service is the date that the service was rendered. So, in the example you provide, the date would be Day 3. I don't know who your MAC is, but you could check their website for additional information. NGS provides an article entitled "Date of Service on CMS-1500 Billing". An excerpt is provided below, but check with your specific MAC.

    NGS – Part B 

    Date of Service on CMS-1500 Billing 


    This article will assist Medicare Part B providers including physicians, nonphysician practitioners and others, how to report the correct date of service on the CMS-1500 claim form, and its electronic equivalent, for reimbursement of Medicare Part B services. Most services, with some exceptions, must be billed to Medicare reflecting the exact date the services were performed on, or provided to, the patient. The CMS IOM Publication 100-02, Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15, Section 20, explains that expenses are considered to have been incurred on the date the beneficiary received the item or service, regardless of when it was paid for or ordered. 

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