New Revenue Integrity Dept.

We are developing a new Revenue Integrity Dept. and are looking for recommendations, suggestions, success stories, processes, department models etc., from those of you who have been down this road.  We are a large physician group.    


  • Wanted to touch base to see if you've received any feedback. Would be happy to connect with you!

  • Our hospital is developing a new Revenue Integrity Department as well and I am looking for any resources to help with our processes and audit tools. 
  • Hi - No, I have not received any feedback or responses.  
  • Okay, thank you.
  • Within our health system, we have several different RI Depts/Teams.  Here are a few of the positions that seem consistent throughout.
    Chart Auditor
    Nurse Auditor
    Charge Capture Associates
    CDM Coordinator
    RI Analyst/Specialist

    It would be helpful too if you had someone on your team that knows how to run reports within your system. 

  • We have a small RI team, that is pretty new.  We consist of a CDM Coordinator, RI Manager, Denial Analyst who focus on appeals and RI Lead.  We are going to add 4 charge capture analyst and 4 RI Analysts to start.
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