Cerner Charge Services

Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has any tips for the Cerner Charge Services soultions? I have recently taken over a department and just trying to get a grasp of all the different applications, workflow for the department, etc.. Our system went live on 10/1 so the Cerner resources are long gone.




  • Which department--Revenue Integrity or a charge posting department?

  • Not sure exactly where we fall but we use Cerner's pricing tool and maintain the bill item master amongst other duties. I am struggling with this tool in building out new prices, etc...



  • I'm blessed in that our Corporate Office does all the builds.  I know how to add prices, NDCs and UD (California) modifiers for 340B.  Is it okay if I share your email with some colleagues?

  • Yes, please share. I definitely can use the help!

    Thanks so much!

  • I realize this post is very old, but I wanted to share my email. Our hospital went live with Cerner in 2017, and I'm very familiar with Pricing Tool and the other Charge Services tools. Happy to help anyone just getting started.


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