Fecal Transplant Donor Screenings

Do other hospitals register their fecal transplant donors when they perform the screening tests (example list below) and bill those donor's insurance?  if not, what is your process?  

Tests examples being performed when screening a donor:
• Rotavirus Ag EIA
• Ova and Parasites
• C.Difficile/EPI by PCR
• Cryptosporidium Antigen 
• Giardia Lamblia Ag EIA
• Stool Culture
• Smear, primary source for parasites
• Helicobacter pylori Antigen, Fecal by EIA
• Concentration of specimen for infectious agents
• CBC w/o Diff
• Rapid Plasma Reagin Test
• HIV ½
• Hepatitis B Surface Ag
• Hepatitis C Ab
• Hep B Surface Ab
• Hepatitis B Core Antibody Total
• Hepatitis A Ab IgM

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