Billing for the review of Myriad genetic testing

Our Ob/Gyn provider had an office visit and referred a patient for this genetic testing. She wants to bill for an E&M to telephone the patient to discuss the results/recommendations. I can only recommend using time to charge for a 99441-99443 with required documentation for this type of audio only visit. Do you have any insight or recommendations on how to handle this topic? I am aware that this code range is only billable if not done within 7 days after a face-to-face visit or resulting in a face-to-face within 7 days.

Thanks for your help with this question.

Sondra Hayden, Coding Manager



  • late but I agree with you. schedule a phone call visit. There is no prolonged service call for phone calls so 99443 is the max. But turn on the video and you have a lot more options.

  • Thank you for responding. We decided to bill 99442 and inform her that this is the only option unless the video is also used.

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