Supply Policy

I was wondering if anyone had a formal supply policy they would be willing to share that covers what is chargeable/not chargeable.  I am looking to recommend a policy at my facility that is a little more robust than what we have.  Thank you in advance.  


  • Kelly - Did you make any progress? We are currently working on a supply charge policy and wouldn't sharing what we are doing thus far. Thanks

  • No, I have not started a draft policy yet.  If you are willing to share, that would be fantastic!
  • We have a policy, Determination of Chargeable Supply which is currently under annual review but I can share it if you would like and then again if we make any changes.

  • Dmay2 - Yes. If you can share with me that would be great! Thank you

  • On the subject of chargeable and non-chargeable supplies, I'm also in the process of recommending a supply policy and we are struggling with disposable instrumentation.  These tools are used for biopsies, cutting, forceps and to cauterize to name a few.  Typically used with endoscopic or cardiac procedures.  In the past these items were sterilized and re-used which made them non-chargeable.  Today more and more instrumentation is disposal.  Would these items be integral to the procedure or separately chargeable?
  • Typically, these are reported separately.  While they are "integral" in the sense that you can't perform the procedures without a biopsy needle or forceps, etc., the type and the number that are utilized can vary from patient to patient.  Some facilities include the charge for one in the procedure and then charge separately for any additional items used; others charge for the individual items to ensure they capture the cost for the specific patient due to the difference sizes/types, etc.  
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    It needs a bit of updating, but I attached our Supply Charging Policy. 
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