Modified Barium Swallowing study by Speech Therapy

In the CPT code book when a MBS is performed as a collaborative study with a ST and a Radiologist, the ST would report 92611 for their portion and Radiology would report 74230 for the S&I code when a radiologist is present and provides a written interpretation. I am seeking information related to the performance of a MBS when only the ST is present and provides the written evaluation and a radiology technologist is providing the fluoro for the imaging.  In the ST only scenario, no radiologist is present for face to face supervision and no radiology report is written.  I understand that the ST can still report the 92611 for their portion, but can anything be reported for the radiology resource utilization for the facility?  Are there any facilities who perform MBS studies with ST only being present and if so, what do you report for the fluoro usage?
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