Billing for Donor Lymphocyte Infusion related services

I am seeking guidance specifically on the compliant billing of Donor Lymphocyte Infusion (DLI) services post Allogeneic Stem Cell transplant. Often a DLI is needed post transplant and the Donor of the stem cell of the allo stem cell tranplant is brought back in to collect the additional lymphocytes needed.

I understand that all Donor related services for the actual STem Cell transplant should be held and reported as Donor Acquisition charges under 0815 Rev Code when the transplant occurs. HOwever, DLI may not take place for months following a transplant. I have reveiwed the Be the Match site and cannot find the answers I am seeking.

Should the Donor Lymphocyte collection and cell processing charges be reported on the same claim for the recipient's DLI infusion when it takes place?

If it should be reported do you use the 0815 rev code or a separate Lab related rev code since a DLI is not technically a stem cell transplant?

Should Donor services for the DLI not be billed to a payer at all but captured internally and adjusted to the cost report?

Thanks for any assistance.

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